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    I had originally made this bag for my mom for a Christmas gift but she passed away unexpectedly in November of that year so I was unable to give it to her. 😪 I ended up giving it to my sister instead. It was the year that I had taught myself to crochet with YouTube and I was waiting to tell her until I gave the bag to her. Then I could "show off" my new talent. I do regret not sharing it with her sooner. 
    The name of the bag pattern is Stylin’ Tote Bag by Cathy Philips and is a free pattern you can find by clicking here. I have named it Mom’s Big Bag as a kind of tribute to my mom. It’s a really easy pattern to follow and you can use a multi-colored yarn like I did or you can change between colors. I used two different multi-colored yarns for the one that I made for my mom as you can see in the photo above.

    I didn’t make the straps the way the pattern says to make them, instead I single crochet to the point where I wanted it to start and chained 90 then attached with a slip stitch to where I wanted it on the left side, then single crochet to where it matches up on the other side for the other strap and chain 90 then attach with slip stitch to where it matches up with first strap and single crochet to that strap and up the side of the strap then over to other strap and up the side again; I think I only did two rows on the outer straps then fasten off and then join a new piece of yarn to any corner of strap and work two rows of single crochet in both inner straps and fasten off and weave in ends.

    I'm sorry for the vague instructions but I don't have access to the bag anymore so that I could count the stitches. My sister would have no clue as to how to count them so...

    The second bag I made for a customer who ordered it for her daughter’s sleepovers and such. I used one multi-colored yarn for this one: Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Ombre in Fantasy. I also made the strap thicker with four rows on both the outer and inner straps.  I also added a button to the second bag.

    Measurements: Approx 27″-28″ (68.58 – 71.12 cm) long with 11″ (27.94 cm) strap. Width approx 15″-16″ (38.1 – 40.64 cm). 

    My customer was so happy with her order that she ordered more! Here are photos of the different color combos I did for her order.

    I did this next one for myself but did not add the lining or pockets yet. It is a big bag and can be used for lots of different things; clothes, yarn, supplies, etc. I am really happy with how it turned out.

    Thank you so much for visiting my site, I hope you come back again soon and share my site with friends and family. 

    If you have any questions leave me a comment or by email at contact@fransplace1018.com and I will respond within 24 hours.

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