Stylish Summer Crochet Pullover Top | Fashion

This pattern is really easy, it is basically a granny stitch repetition. It's perfect for wearing a tank underneath.
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©2017 Fran Corona
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Lightweight ​​yarn
6.5​​mm ​​crochet ​​hook
Tapestry ​​needle
Stitch ​​Markers


Dc​​–​​double ​​crochet
Fpdc​​–​​front ​​post​​ double

Bpdc​​–​​back​​ post ​​double
Cluster​​–​​3​​ dc in ​​st


*You ​​will ​​make ​​two ​​panels, ​​then ​​whip ​​stitch ​​them ​​together

Row ​​1:​​ work ​​a​​ double​​ crochet ​​foundation chain​​ of 67 ​​(I​​ measured ​​the ​​chain ​​across ​​my shoulders ​​to ​​see ​​how ​​long ​​it ​​should ​​be)

Row​​ 2:​​ ch ​​3,​​ dc​​ in​​ same ​​st ​​&​​ next​​ 3​​ sts,​​ ch​​ 1, ​​*skip​​ 2​​ sts,​​ 3​​ dc ​​in​​ next​​ st,​​ ch​​1, repeat​​ from​​* ​​until you ​​have ​​6 ​​sts​​ left, ​​skip​​ 2 ​​sts,​​ 1​​ dc ​​in ​​remaining​​ 4 ​​sts

Row ​​3: ​​ch 3, ​​dc ​​in​​ same​​ st ​​&​​ next​​ 3 sts, ​​ch​​ 1, ​​cluster, ​​ch ​​1 ​​in ​​each​​ ch ​​space,​​ 1​​ dc ​​in ​​remaining ​​4 sts

Row ​​4​​ to​​ 36 ​​(or ​​desired ​​length): ​​repeat row 3

Row​​ 37: ​​ch​​3,​​ dc ​​in​​ same ​​st ​​&​​ all​​ dc ​​sts ​​​(not​​ in​​ ch ​​1​​ spaces)

Row​​ 38:​​ ch​​ 3, ​​fpdc ​​around ​​next​​ st, ​​bpdc​​ around ​​next ​​st ​​to ​​end,​​ dc ​​in ​​last ​​st

Row ​​39: repeat ​​row ​​38

Fasten ​​off​​ and​​ weave​​ in ​​ends

Hold​​ panels ​​up ​​to​​ your ​​shoulders​​ and​​ place ​​stitch ​​markers ​​where ​​you ​​want​​ the​​ neck​​ opening

Mine ​​is ​​about​​ 12 ​​inches

You ​​will ​​whip ​​stitch​​ the ​​two ​​panels ​​together ​​in ​​these​​ places​​ and on​​ the ​​end​​ at​​ the ​​top ​​sleeves

Then​​ you ​​need ​​to​​ measure ​​from the​​ top ​​of​​ the ​​sleeve ​​to ​​about​​ 6 ​​to​​ 7 ​​inches​​ down​​ for ​​the​​ sleeve holes

Then​​ whip​​ stitch ​​the​​ sides ​​together ​​up ​​to​​ stitch ​​maker​​ for ​​the bottom ​​of ​​sleeve

You're ​​done! Enjoy ​​your ​​new​​ summer​​ pullover!​​ If ​​you ​​have​​ any​​ questions ​​please ​​leave​​ me a comment below. I would love to see your creations as well! 
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