• Drawstring Flower Bag | Bags

    This is a super lightweight little bag/purse that my nieces just love!

    This cute bag can be made small, medium, or large. The purple one is the small size and the brown is medium.

    The small size is approximately 9 inches / 22.86 centimeters high. I will get the dimensions for the medium size one asap.

    Care instructions: Machine wash cold/gentle or hand wash, Dry low/gentle or shape and lay flat. Do not bleach.

    Click Here for the free pattern!

     I made the small one for my niece and the medium for my mother-in-law as gifts. They are super quick and easy to work up and the flowers are worked right into the rows as you crochet. 

    If you would like to order your own custom-made flower bag, please visit my Esty Shop!
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