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    Super cute amigurumi toy/doll named Emma from Edward's Menagerie. Amazon sells the book of patterns as well as other shops and stores. The body and body parts are pretty much the same patterns for most of the little creatures in the book. The tail and ears have their own pattern for different animals. 

    If you would like to purchase your own Emma Bunny, please visit my Etsy Shop.

    A customer ordered this grey one for her toddler because they had lost his favorite bunny toy that was very similar to Emma but has different facial features. 

    This pattern is pretty quick and easy to work up. It is a fun little pattern and I am very happy with the way they turned out. I have not received any feedback from my customer but hope to soon. If I do I will post it in the comment section for this post. 

    If you do purchase the pattern and create your own Emma, please let me know and share a photo! If you need any help with the pattern you can reach out to me here or on Facebook. 

    As always, thanks so much for stopping in on my little world on the web!

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